17 dicembre-30 gennaio 2022, Object & Stories: Traumatic heritage and competing narratives
  Data: 17/12/2021
  • Object & Stories
    Traumatic heritage and competing narratives

    As part of the Horizon2020 European MSCA funded project SPEME Questioning Traumatic Heritage: Spaces of Memory in Europe, Argentina, Colombia, the students of the master’s programs of Heritage and
    Memory Studies, Museum Studies, Cultural Studies and History at the University of Amsterdam present a research and multimedia installation which include two-part podcasts illuminating traumatic heritages and
    competing narratives in the Netherlands.
    Objects & Stories is a research exhibition that combines tangible objects of trauma with personal stories and oral histories from witnesses and subsequent generations to shed light on the complexities of trauma, (post) remembering and heritage narratives in the present.
    Recounted through the lens of object biographies, these personal stories encompass several cases of traumatic pasts connected to the Netherlands such as the Second World War, the Srebrenica genocide, and colonial heritage to re-imagine what constitutes ‘traumatic heritages’ and ‘victim- perpetrator dualities.’ Through a multimedia approach, viewers are invited to reflect upon how competing narratives of the past are negotiated and reconfigured in archives, cultural practices, and public spaces. Why and how do we remember traumatic histories?
    Who remembers and who forgets and, how are memories narrated, silenced, or forgotten?